NPC Tasks

There are 2 kinds of NPC Tasks:

- for money

- for experience

Tasks for money you can take from NPC Grizzly+AdamsGrizzly Adams View on map

Tasks for experience you can take from NPC Tim+WolfTim Wolf View on map

Doing tasks in Party

There are many limitations to get task kill in Party:

- member of party has level above 20

- member of party is on same floor as dying monster

- monster is in range of his screen (visible on screen)

- player that killed monster level is lower OR level higher not more than 50% than party member level

- maximum 4 players receive frag for one monster

Repeating tasks

You can repeat tasks as many times as you want, but for every repeat you will receive reduced reward.

Each repeat reward is divided by number of repeats:

- Doing task first time: 100% reward

- Doing task second time: 50% reward

- Doing task third time: 33% reward

- Doing task forth time: 25% reward

and so on.